November Soap Collection

For this collection, we wanted to admire the beauty of geometrical shapes surrounded by abstract design! Each bar has been set in multiple layers and focuses on different colour themes. Every soap has been carefully scented with a unique blend of essential oils that perfectly complement the luxurious bar. Click on the images below to check out the latest soaps!


Bermuda Sand


Fairy Feather


Rainforest Retreat


Sample Pack of 3

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Rose with Red Moroccan clay


Lavender with Purple Brazillian clay


Sample pack of 5

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Don't choose between jewellery and skincare with our Jewel Drop soap bar! Each bar will have one pendant wrapped in foil embedded inside the soap. Get free delivery and free cotton face towel and free golden gift bag on every order!

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Available in 3 variants- 1) Lavender and Geranium 2) Orange and Strawberry 3) Lemon and Peppermint