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Incense Cones

At Indriya, we always strive to bring the most natural aromatic experience for our customers, and that is exactly what we have achieved with our 100% pure and natural Incense Cones.

Made with dehydrated Hibiscus flowers, Soy wax, Benzoin essential oil and Palm oil, our vegan Incense Cones are free of wood shavings/powder, guar gum, charcoal, camphor, sulphates, parabens and phthalates. We do not add any artificial colourants or other synthetic chemicals. Moreover, we do not use water while making our cones. Instead, they are made with carrier oils and essential oils, which also give them a longer burn time. Every incense cone burns for at least an hour*.

Gautam Buddha Soy Wax Statues

With folded hands and closed eyes, our Gautam Buddha vegan soy wax statues are made to bring serenity in your life from the moment you open the box. Scented with Rose, White Oudh, Saffron and Sandalwood oils, these tablets spread the revitalising scent of essential oils around themselves, thus enriching your surroundings.

Starting from ₹310, you get free delivery on every order!

Six120 Soy Wax Tablets

Our Six120 Soy Wax Tablets pay homage to the strongest shape known to mankind - a hexagon. From the cells of a beehive, to Saturn's gigantic clouds, the hexagon pattern is an important facet of Mother Nature's unique design. Made from 100% pure soy wax these tablets are meant to be used as natural scent diffusers. All you have to do is place this wax tablet on your table, desk, windowsill or any flat surface, and enjoy the scent that engulfs you.


Rose essential oil


Lavender essential oil

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Green Apple aroma oil

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Jasmine aroma oil


Mango aroma oil


Peppermint essential oil