What is Indriya?

We at Lather Tribe always strive to bring forth the perfect combination of traditional Ayurveda paired with leisure products. We continue to aim to achieve just that with the launch of Indriya, a sub-brand by Lather Tribe. Under Indriya, we offer aromatherapy products such as Soy Wax Tablets, Soy Wax Melts and Incense Cones for the mind and soul.

Indriya is a Sanskrit term that stands for 'Strength of the Senses'. In Ayurveda, these senses are related to the 5 sensory organs i.e. Eyes, Ears, Skin, Tongue and Nose. With this new launch, we have decided to focus on the sense of smell. Why? Because it has been proven that certain scents excite the nerves in our brain and can trigger strong emotions which, in turn, help in relieving stress, anxiety and in building a stronger state of the mind.


The most important...

...part of any wax product is, you guessed it, the wax itself. Here at Indriya, we use 100% pure soy wax without any adulteration. That's right, we do not use paraffin or microcrystalline wax. Additionally, we do not even use beeswax in our products, thus making it vegan :)

Stearic acid.png

In our efforts...

...to keep our products as close to nature as possible, we also do not use stearic acid or any other unnecessary harmful synthetic chemicals in our wax products. Hence, after a while, you will see a thin white layer forming on your beloved wax product. This common occurrence is known as frosting. Frosting is actually proof that our vegetable soy wax is pure. It occurs because of temperature fluctuations. However, it does not affect the scent of the product, neither does it make it harmful. Frosting is purely superficial and just occurs in appearance.


We love animals...

...so much that we do not even eat them! Hence, we have not tested any of our products on and/or around animals of any kind. Therefore, if you are a pet owner then please beware of using any of our products around your pet, as they might be sensitive towards the essential and aroma oils.